Concierge Mobile Acupuncture


We travel to you. Vancouver and Lower Mainland
Go to Film Industry

Film Industry

We go on set to provide acupuncture to talent, crew, and staff.

Go to Home


We come to you where you are most comfortable–home. You get treatment with no traffic or parking hassle.

Go to Workplace


You’re busy, but you need treatment. No worries! We travel to you, saving you time.

Go to Hotel


Whether you’re travelling for work for pleasure, you don’t want health issues to slow you down. We can help.

Go to Care home

Care home

Disability or advanced age might make getting to a clinic challenging. We simplify things by coming to you.

Go to Hospital


Acupuncture can help bolster standard medical care treatments without interfering with medications or therapies.

Go to Group Acupuncture

Group Acupuncture

Group acupuncture is an economic way to receive treatment, at your workplace or other suitable setting.

Go to Health Lectures

Health Lectures

We provide health lectures at workplaces, conferences, and community centres. Ask us about topics we can cover for you.

Concierge Acupuncture Service

To Make Your Life Easier
Our registered acupuncturists travel to your home, office, hotel, film set, or hospital room.

Just because you lead a busy life doesn't mean your health has to suffer.

We understand how hard it can be to schedule in treatment appointments into a busy day, so we make it easier.

We come to you.

We offer onsite acupuncture by registered and highly qualified acupuncturists who come to your workplace, film set, home, or hotel. No need for you to have to deal with traffic and parking to receive treatment in a clinic. You'll also save travel time--leave that to us.

Onsite acupuncture treatments can help improve your health in many ways:

• Manage the negative health effects of stress, both mental and physical

• Treat pain of all types

• Speed up healing of injuries, even old ones

• Relax tight muscles

• Improve digestion and address digestive disease

• Support a balanced and healthy immune system, from colds and flu prevention and treatment to allergies and other autoimmune disorders

• Improve restful and restorative

• and, most importantly, help you stay well so you can get on with your day

Our mobile acupuncture treatments can also be helpful if you are housebound with injury, illness, or other health condition.

Our team

We love making healthy living easier

Dr. Melissa Carr

Owner, Registered Dr. TCM
Dr. Carr started this concierge acupuncture service because she recognized that not everyone could make it into a clinic, but many needed acupuncture. Though she rarely makes onsite visits anymore, she’s chosen the best–skilled, educated, friendly–registered acupuncturists for her team.

Claudia Chen

Director of Operations, R.Ac.
Claudia is the person you’ll talk to when you call or email us. She’ll find the best registered acupuncturist for your needs, coordinating practitioner, schedule, and billing. Feel free to ask her acupuncture questions, as well, as she’s a registered acupuncturist herself!

Michael Yin

R.Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist)
Michael is one of our excellent registered acupuncturists. He can treat a wide range of health issues, but has a focus on treating pain, digestive issues, and weight loss. He can also use a low level laser, for those of you afraid of needles, and Michael can speak both Mandarin or English

Gabrielle Fox

R.Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist)
Gabrielle is one of our amazing registered acupuncturists. She can treat–amongst many other things–pain, headaches, and stress. She also has a particular interest in treating women during pregnancy and postpartum. A world traveller, Gabrielle is fluent in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Kelly Zeng

R.TCM.P. (Registered TCM Practitioner)
Kelly is a registered TCM Practitioner, meaning she can treat her patients with both acupuncture and herbs. Kelly comes from a family of healthcare providers. She got her Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has been practicing for over 10 years. Kelly is bilingual in Mandarin and English.

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