Lunch ‘N Learn Workplace Wellness at Alive Magazine’s Office

By Dr. Melissa Carr, Dr.TCM, founder of Active Life Mobile

workplace wellness vancouver richmond bcI’ve been on Alive magazine’s advisory board for years, and I was thrilled to be able to visit their office recently when I joined my director of operations, registered acupuncturist, Claudia Chen, to a lunch ‘n learn lecture for Alive’s staff. Because Alive was interested in having us offer onsite acupuncture treatments for them, they suggested that we lecture about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine first, so that their staff would have an idea of what we could treat and why they would want acupuncture.

lunch at AliveIf you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Alive, check out your local natural health store or organic grocery store. You’ll find tons of articles that can help you live healthier—and it’s free!
I was excited to meet the people at Alive who I had only ever met via email. It’s no wonder that everyone is so friendly there. Alive offers yoga classes for its staff in a multitasking room that is also its photo studio and will soon be our acupuncture room. Knowing that one way to an employee’s heart is through the stomach, Alive brings in an amazing chef to feed them delicious lunches. They have a ginormous (I didn’t think that was an actual word, but I looked it up, and it is) herb fridge that staff can use. They even have regular “smoothie days” with the chef customizing delicious and healthy shakes. Gotta love that!

standing room only at Alive magazine

Seats full and standing room only left

Nearly everyone there helped themselves to the big bowl salad bar and joined us (we had our own salad bowls in hand—thanks Alive!) in the board room to hear Claudia speak. 

“What is the first question most people ask about acupuncture?” Claudia asked. Smart group, they knew the answer (or should I say, question)—does acupuncture hurt? Many also knew the answer to that. Simply “no.” I took an acupuncture needle around the room to show just how small and flexible it is, while Claudia continued.

slide at Alive magazine“What does acupuncture treat?” and “how does acupuncture work?” are two more questions that Claudia covered. Perhaps you knew that acupuncture relieves pain and causes the release of feel-good endorphins. But did you know that it treats a multitude of other health conditions as it boosts immune function, improves circulation, promotes the release of serotonin, and more?

You would know those things and much more if your workplace brings one of us in to present. And, we promise that you don’t even have to feed us! Alive is definitely an incredibly forward-thinking place to work! They know the benefits of keeping a healthy and happy staff.

We know, however, that they aren’t the only progressive Vancouver and Lower Mainland workplace. Contact us if you’d like to learn how Active Life Mobile Acupuncture can educate you and your coworkers about the benefits of acupuncture or any of our other natural health topics, or if you’d like us to come to your workplace to offer onsite acupuncture—getting you healthy, while saving you time and effort.

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