Onsite Acupuncture at Alive Magazine

Onsite Acupuncture

workplace acupuncture onsite acupuncture richmond bc vancouver burnabyActive Life Mobile Acupuncture recently went to the office of Alive Natural Health & Wellness Magazine to treat their employees.

Alive magazine is a forward-thinking company that understands the benefits of onsite acupuncture and how it can effectively support their employees’ health. So when we asked them if they would like to try our services, they were more than happy to welcome us to their office.

With yoga mats and comfortable chairs, Claudia Chen and Gwen Chen—both registered acupuncturists—went to work, treating 14 patients with a number of health issues, including stress, digestive issues, and neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.         

Claudia, our director of operations, fully enjoyed the experience and was very happy with the reception she received.

“Alive went out of their way to create a peaceful atmosphere,” she said. “They had relaxing music playing, the lights were turned down, and some of the patients even brought their own pillows.”

The employees enjoyed the treatment, providing us with some positive feedback and helpful information. Over half of the employees had never tried acupuncture before. Some of the first timers said they were afraid that it would hurt, but were relieved and happy when they realized the treatments were painless. After the onsite acupuncture sessions were done, we were pleased with the success, with many of the employees asking for future treatments.

Working with Alive—such a progressive company—was a joy. Knowing that there are companies that really care about the well-being of their employees is huge part of what inspires us.  

Contact us if you’d like to learn how Active Life Mobile Acupuncture can educate you and your coworkers about the benefits of acupuncture or any of our other natural health topics, or if you’d like us to come to your workplace to offer onsite acupuncture—getting you healthy, while saving you time and effort. 


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